Volume 1 : Navigating Narratives

About Being in a society made of many parts, and in a digital era where everyone has the agency to voice their own opinions, how does one steer through and locate oneself within the multitudes of nuanced, delicate and often contradicting narratives?

In the first volume of Making Malaysia,  we unpack how BEHATI, Layar Lucida, Ejin Sha, 33.3, No-To-Scale* and Sharmin Parameswaran creatively navigate through the intricate layers of societal narratives within their own fields of operation.



240mm x 170mm


What makes a country?

A flag? 
A national anthem? 
A history textbook? 
A tall tower?

It is, in reality, made by all of us Malaysians, who create minute yet important impacts within our day-to-day, including you!

MAKING MALAYSIA is an ongoing publication for and about these makers of Malaysia. We document these endeavours while contextualising them within our ever-evolving social landscape.

In our debut issue—Navigating Narratives—we explore these questions: