Volume 1 : Navigating Narratives

About Navigating Narratives, as a debut volume of Making Malaysia, documents and analyses efforts of six entities who navigate through complex layers of societal narratives within their own fields of operation. Our societal habits are informed by both the narratives that we inherit from the past and real-time narratives we create at present.

To acknowledge that these very acts of doing things differently are prompting Malaysians to reflect upon the relevance of existing narratives, and indirectly nudges us to make conscious and critical decisions on how we steer through the narratives around us, which narratives to carry forward, and how we deliver them.




Making Malaysia
Navigating Narratives
24 x 16.5 x 1 cm



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What makes a country?

A flag?
A national anthem? 
A geographical boundary?  
A textbook history? 
A tall tower?

2020, a year that reminds us of the ‘Wawasan 2020’ vision that promised an ideal future for Malaysia, has panned out into an aggregation of a global pandemic, a sudden change in government, a series of damaging floods, but also numerous efforts from Malaysians navigating through uncertainties with perseverance, creativity, and kindness. 

As a group of urban youths in our mid 20s to early 30s observing these happenings unfold in our surroundings, we at R+ began to ask ourselves:

What makes our country?

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R+ is a strategic design research unit within GDP Architects.